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Do you have questions regarding our advanced and Consumer Digest Best Buy rated Boundary Plus® Technology? Want to learn more about all of our Shields® Avoidance solutions that can make your life easier with you dogs or cats INSIDE your home? If you have a question or pet wish - we have an answer and a solution! Feel free to call us at 239-498-2742. We are here to help you and your furry ones.

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We’re Invisible Fence of Southwest Florida. And we’re glad you’re here. Our branch is an authorized, full-service dealership of genuine Invisible Fence Brand products and services. Since 2006, we’ve remained committed to improving the way Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties pet owners live with their four-legged family members.

With more than 5,900 satisfied human customers in the Collier, Lee, and Charlotte Counties area, as well as the endorsement of neighborhood veterinarians, we’re passionate about working hard—so you can enjoy your pet more, and worry about them less. From system installation to our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus training and beyond, Invisible Fence of Southwest Florida is always here for you and your pet. That’s our promise to you both.

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The big picture.

Invisible Fence Brand systems feature exclusive technology that works together to give your pet more freedom. All while keeping them out of harm’s way—and out of the hostas. With the same Computer Collar® Receiver, your dog or cat can enjoy safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn to resist the temptation of the kitchen garbage can…even when you’re not there to chaperone.

Invisible Fence Brand systems integrate easily, so you can enjoy your pet indoors and out. Plus, they include professional installation and our exclusive, scientifically based pet training. Our solutions are effective. Affordable. And they all come from the original pioneers of pet fencing technology since 1973. So, let’s talk. Together, we’ll discover the solution that’s the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Our partners.

Our team.

Jack, The Office Dog

Jack was adopted from the Gulf Coast Humane Society in September of 2006. He is a handsome Border Collie with beautiful blue eyes. Jack formerly was a "training assistant" but at 14 years old, he was honorably discharged a few years ago from active duty! He is still a very important part of our team because he alerts everyone when the UPS truck has arrived and he keeps the floor very clean of any crumbs or dropped bits from anyone's lunch.  Jack used to enjoy playing frisbee and chasing balls for hours within his safe boundaries of course. Now he naps a bit more and dreams about doing those things! 

Jill, Customer Care & Certified Perfect Start™Plus Trainer

Jill brings many years of business ownership, professional customer service and operations experience to the Invisible Fence of SW Florida office. She enjoys making sure that every customer has an excellent experience while working with Invisible Fence of SW Florida. 

Jill is also  certified in  Perfect Start™ Plus Pet Training and loves all things furry!  

Jill served as a Board Member, Board Secretary and Board President for the Gulf Coast Humane Society for a tenure of 7 years and is currently retired from the Board.   She remains very active and supportive of the local pet community, local shelters and rescues.  

And very importantly - she is the very proud pet parent of Jack the Wonder Dog and Boots the Office Cat.

Steve, Installer, Service Technician and Certified Perfect Start™ Plus Pet Trainer

Steve is our "Senior Technician" as he has been with Invisible Fence of SW Florida since 2005. (Not calling you old or anything Steve!)  

With over 15 years of experience he really knows his stuff!  He is not only an expert with all of available technologies, he can also help you solve just about any worry you have with your pets either outside or inside the home.   S

teve is a very experienced installer and is certified in Perfect Start™ Plus Pet Training.  

He enjoys spending time with his family and is a serious Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan!

Devin, Installer, Service Technician and Certified Perfect Start® Plus Trainer

We are so glad to have Devin on our team. He joined us in 2011 after working with dogs and cats at a local shelter.  

His combination of technical skills and passion for animals is a "paw"-fect fit!  

He is a very knowledgeable member of our team, is an expert on the many Invisible Fence® Brand technologies and solutions, is  certified in Perfect Start® Plus training and his love of the furry shows in everything he does!  

Devin is also a devoted Dad and  fisherman. He loves to talk "dog" and "fish" 

Tom, Pet Consultant, Service Manager and Certified Perfect Start™ Plus Trainer

Tom is an expert on all the Invisible Fence® Brand technologies and products for both outdoor and indoor solutions. 

He enjoys meeting pet owners and their dogs or cats to see how he can help create harmony and peace of mind for the entire household. He is also  a certified Perfect Start™ Plus trainer.  

Tom handles all technical matters by providing support to our technicians as well as customers. His experience and his love of dogs benefit the Invisible Fence of SW Florida team, all it's customers and their pets.

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At Invisible Fence of Southwest Florida we’re passionate about protecting pets — so you can focus on fun! So, let’s talk. And we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet. Guaranteed.

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